Kikki K Job Applications & Vacancies 2021

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Kikki K Job Applications & Vacancies

Kikki K is a Swedish retailer of stationeries and high-end stylish gifts in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney are the locations where Kikki K stores have opened up in Australia.

Kikki K Vacancies & Careers

Candidates wishing to work at Kikki K can view Kikki K job postings below.

No Positions Locations
1 QLD – Casual Sales Assistant Toowoomba
2 Product Content Writer
3 ACT – Assistant Store Manager Canberra
4 WA – Store Manager Enex
5 VIC – Assistant Store Manager Doncaster
6 QLD – Assistant Store Manager Chermside
7 QLD – Casual Sales Assistant Chermside
8 VIC – Assistant Store Manager Highpoint
9 ACT – Store Manager Canberra
10 VIC – Store Manager Highpoint

It is estimated that there are more than 50 Kikki K stores in Australia’s Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney. For job seekers who seek employment in Australia, Kikki K provides a number of jobs and career opportunities. Even if you do not have any experience in Kikki K’s business field, you can still be hired at Kikki. Kikki K offers basic and entry-level job positions for people who have never worked in their business field so that they can experience what it feels like to work in this business.

Thereby, inexperienced job seekers can gain experience and start off their careers at Kikki K. The most common basic and entry-level position at Kikki K is the sales assistant position. After being hired at Kikki K as a sales assistant, you will be providing assistance to the customers, organizing the interior of the store, and performing other types of common store duties.

How do I get a job at Kikki K?

  1. Go to the career website of Kikki K.
  2. On this page, Kikki K’s vacancies and hiring positions are listed. If you are looking for a specific job position, you can narrow down the list by typing in relevant keywords pertaining to the position you are searching for, selecting the location you want to work in, and selecting the job type.
  3. Click a job title that you find interesting on the list of jobs.
  4. Details about the job at Kikki K are written on the following page. It is suggested that you read this page carefully since important job-related information is given on that page.
  5. After you read the whole page about the job details, you can click on the button that says “Apply” at the bottom of the page.
  6. To start your job application, you need to type in your e-mail address.

Kikki K Application Form PDF/Online

Kikki K does not provide a printable job application form for job seekers in Australia. Therefore, job seekers are advised to apply for a position at Kikki K by visiting their website and making an online job application from there. Job seekers can also visit any Kikki K store and ask the management about the vacancies.

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